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How do you Relax?

Beach Escape in Pembrokeshire

Escape to Relax

The Husband and I aren’t the best forward planners in the world and it’s easy for our weekends to become consumed by mundane family arrangements and household chores: a bit of homework here; a kids party there; a trip to the shops; several loads of laundry and before you know it it’s Sunday night and we’re preparing to climb onto the weekly treadmill once again.

When we manage to get our act together and go away for a weekend, or even just one night, something remarkable happens.


We relax and that ,”We really ought to be doing ……” feeling, disappears at least for a day or two.

I’m sitting outside in the warmth of the early evening June sunshine in rural Pembrokeshire, having only left home at midmorning, preparing to head out to a local pub for dinner.

The caress of a gentle breeze, the nearby sound of crashing waves, the feeling of warm sun heating up the skin under my cut off navy jeans, long grasses and wild flowers swaying and the sight of the blue-green sea makes me catch my breath as I devour the vibrancy of these ever changing colours.

I feel at one with nature and for this brief interlude feel that I have space to think, to exist, without the crushing pressures of home life, where technology, guilt, outstanding homework, laundry, gardening, housework and more, weigh down upon me.

I always think that we ought to be able to relax in the same way at home and save ourselves the cost and effort of coming away, but no it doesn’t work like that.

Life can be short. I want to remember this moment and indulge in it and others like it.

How about you? Can you find peace at home or do you have to escape to truly relax?

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